Attractive land Supetar Brač

You have already been on holiday in Croatia a couple of times and she left such an impression on you that you want to move here? We offer you an attractive plot of land in Supetar on Brac. Build a family house or apartments of your choice. Wake up every morning with a view of the sea and the greenery that surrounds it.

Agricultural land for sale on the island of Brač in the town of Supetar, Malačnica area near the sea. The land is 10100 m2.

Near the plot there is a connection of water and electricity.
The land can be converted for tourist purposes. There is a possibility of buying an adjacent plot of 5400 m2. The property is tidy.

Price: 80 €/m2 (not fixed)

Supetar – a city tailored to each inhabitant

Supetar is a town in the Split-Dalmatia County located on the island of Brač, more precisely on its northern side, in the bay of Sv. Peters. It is also the only city on the island. The settlement of the same name is the cultural, economic, traffic and tourist center of the whole island.

In the immediate vicinity of Supetar is Mirca, a small charming place of characteristic architecture known for its numerous olive growers. Namely, the traditional part of the village is located along the hill, and there are interesting exhibitions every year accompanied by local food and wine. On the other side of the village there are beaches with bars where you can relax from a full day of exploring the rich history of the city.

Only 12 kilometers from Supetar is the first established settlement, Škrip. The village is more than 3000 years old, as evidenced by the legacies of many tribes and cultures. The famous castle of the Cerinić family, the Roman temple, the mausoleum, the parish church of St. Jelena and two museums: The Museum of Oil and the Museum of the Island of Brač.

Supetar, like other islands, is surrounded by a green pine forest and other trees behind which numerous historical city sights can be seen on the waterfront. Numerous landscaped city beaches attract more and more tourists every year, both domestic and foreign. Clean and clear sea as created for summer joys and water activities. After hours of enjoying the sun, relax on the terraces of the café or snuggle into the thick shade of the canopy.

Supetar is a real city center; everything is at your fingertips. Accommodation is provided in various accommodation units, but there are still many building plots waiting for the right owner.

The Mediterranean climate is conducive to life and olive growing

The Mediterranean or Mediterranean climate as life is created at any time of the year. In addition, the main industry is olive growing; what about the climate, what about the suitable soil. Although vines are also grown on Brač in some parts, olive groves are far more widespread. Many farmers are engaged in olive growing, each of which strives to stand out in some way. When it comes to olives, we must not forget the homemade and multi-award-winning spreads of green olives and almonds that go well with sheep and goat cheese, capers and tomatoes. Enrich it all with a slice of homemade bread and drops of olive oil.


The name Supetar was first mentioned in 1423, but the remains of human habitat in the Kopačina cave, located only 8 km from Supetar, show that people lived there as far back as 8000 BC. Over time, this settlement was inhabited by the ancient Illyrians, then the Greeks and Romans.

Today’s town of Supetar was founded in the 16th century when the inhabitants of the nearby village of Nerežišća began to use it as a port. Due to its more favorable geographical position, Supetar surpassed the village of Nerežišća and became the administrative center of the island of Brač.

During the rich history of the city, various rulers left their traces that are visible today in the culture, architecture and economy of the city and the island. For example, an early Christian mosaic near the parish church proves the above. In addition, visit the fascinating city cemetery where the mausoleum of the Petrinović family is located, as well as other striking sculptural monuments. The mausoleum was built of white Brač stone. It has five domes decorated in the Byzantine style, the doors are made of bronze, and the finely polished relief of the Viennese Art Nouveau creates a really special impression that is not often seen. On the lookout point above Supetar is one of the 19 preserved churches of early Romanesque architecture, the church of St. Luke. The lookout offers a unique view of the Brač Channel that is worth visiting at any time of the year.

The Church of the Annunciation from the 18th century has the status of a protected cultural property, and is located in the very center of the city. Although it was built in the early 17th century, a fire that occurred in 1729 completely destroyed it. But as early as 1733 it was restored in the Baroque style that prevails to this day. Right next to the church is Leroy, the famous clock tower and the church museum.

As everywhere in Dalmatia, Supetar on Brač nurtures traditional Dalmatian specialties that will enchant all your senses. Enjoy the unique flavours of fresh seafood and homemade organic food. Salads of octopus, shrimp, scallops, oysters or lobster are just some of the specialties on offer. If you’re more into meat dishes, order beef stew, pasticada with gnocchi or grilled lamb. There is also the inevitable black cuttlefish risotto for all those who are looking for something “different”. All dishes are seasoned with local spices and olive oil, also produced by our own olive growing.

In Supetar there are several beautiful and well-kept beaches suitable for couples, teenagers and families with small children.

Lovrečina beach: it is a popular sandy beach only 10 kilometers away from Supetar. The sand stretches almost 100 meters from the shore, so the place is ideal for families with children. It is located in the bay, so it is protected from the wind, and therefore ideal for early autumn swimming.

Babin Laz Beach: this time it is a pebble and rocky beach located only 3 km from Supetar. It has road access and arranged parking. You can rent deck chairs or relax and refresh at a nearby café.

Tri mosta beach: Tri mosta beach is a concrete or pebble beach in Supetar. In addition to catering facilities, you can try jet skiing or explore the natural richness of the underwater world.

Supetar is a charming small-town rich in history and culture.

Use this excellently positioned land to build a family house or tourist apartments that are far enough away from the city noise and noise, and yet close enough to enjoy the smell of pine trees, the sound of the waves and other natural beauties that surround you every day.
Located in a beautiful and quiet location, this attractive plot of land has a total area of 10100 m2. Good access is provided, water and electricity connections are nearby, and all documentation is in order.


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