Building land Hrvace

Are you looking for an ideal building plot on which to build a family house or a holiday home? A place where you will be far enough away from the everyday city bustle and crowds of tourists? Where will you recharge your batteries and prepare for new work victories? You are in the right place!

Croatia is a country rich in natural beauty: untouched landscapes, mountain ranges, mighty rivers, beautiful clear sea and beautiful beaches. That is why more and more people decide to spend their holidays here. And not only that, the vast majority of the foreign population in this area is looking for an ideal place to live during retirement.

Attractive building land
in the municipality of Hrvace

The municipality of Hrvace is located along the road Sinj – Knin, at the foot of the famous mountain ranges of the Dinara, Kamešnica, Plišivica and Svilaja. More precisely, it is located in the northwestern part of the Split-Dalmatia County. The municipality consists of a dozen small idyllic settlements that differ in many ways and at first glance from larger nearby cities such as Split.

In the place of the same name, an attractive building plot is for sale, ideal for building a modern family house, a luxury villa with a swimming pool or an apartment.

Given its favorable geographical position and the fact that only one major road passes through these places, the area is perfect for a quiet rural life, for economic development, but also for many fun activities. In addition, no matter what property you plan to build, you will have an amazing view of the richness of natural beauty. If you want to swim in the sea or relax in the evening on the terrace of popular cafes with the sound of waves and the beats of your favorite music, to larger cities, such as Split, or to Kastela is only 40 kilometers, so Hrvace is an ideal starting point.


The plot is situated in a centre of Hrvace but at the same time at the almost secluded area, and it enjoys a view over the nearby hills and mountains.

The total surface of the plot is app. 6 000 m2, and the permit is obtained for a five-star villa sizing 1000 m2 and having 3 floors: basement, ground floor and the first floor.

The basement will be designed as a relaxation and recreation space comprising spa, jacuzzi, gym and boiler room.
The ground floor will consist of the main entrance, anteroom, hall, kitchen and dining room, two living rooms, study room and storage room. This floor should also have two spacious terraces that will be accessed through the living room and kitchen.
The first floor will have four bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, and one of them with the spacious dressing room as well and living room. Covered terrace, balcony and two loggias are also going to be on this floor.
The big courtyard will comprise a large double pool sizing app. 80 m2, sunbathing area, pool house, tennis court and Japanese garden.
Also, 12 parking places will be in front of the house.
The parcel has water and electricity connections, optic cable and the driveway.
There is a possibility of changing the building permit for residential and commercial purposes.

Price: 170.000 €


Hrvace is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, which means that living conditions are optimal at any time of the year. Specifically, the area is characterized by dry and hot summers and cool and humid winters. Nevertheless, regardless of all that, the economy is especially developed, more precisely agriculture and cattle breeding. The meat processing industry has also been developed. All this supports the fact that the demand for construction land in this part has greatly increased.

Landmarks of Hrvace County

In the area of the municipality of Hrvace, the remains of human presence date back to the Neolithic, as evidenced by numerous fragments of clay vessels belonging to impress-ceramics. It is a unique way of decorating ceramic pots by imprinting various pointed objects such as the edges of shells and snails. In addition, stone or bone objects were imprinted. Strange at first glance, but completely normal to the inhabitants of that time, nails and fingers were imprinted in order to obtain unique ornamental motifs. All of this was found in the Tamnica and Stipanovićeva caves, which are located northeast of the Suhi Rumin spring. Remains of the Copper and Bronze Ages are associated with numerous stone burial mounds, and forts or fortifications that were built until the end of the Iron Age are still present in the hilly parts of the municipality.

The bridge over the river Cetina on Panj is definitely one of the most important symbols of the municipality of Hrvace. It was built in 1905, during the Austro-Hungarian period. Completely made of stone, the 65-meter-long bridge was renovated in 2008. It is characterized by 7 arches on the pylons, while the stone cornice separates the structural part of the bridge from the masonry fence.

Apart from the mountains, the town of Hrvace is surrounded by the mighty river Cetina and its tributaries Vojskova and Rumin. Unlike smaller rivers, Cetina offers all visitors an active and dynamic vacation. Gather company and try rafting or kayaking on its rapids, which will give you plenty of fun. For those with an adrenaline-fueled spirit, we recommend trying canyoning. It is about “mastering the canyon” with various techniques such as climbing, walking, jumping, swimming and other activities. Just imagine yourself in an environment where you are surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs, while the clear water of the Cetina “pushes” you forward. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy the richness of flora and fauna that will not leave you indifferent.

That this is a truly magical nature is shown by the unique heart-shaped lake, Miloš Lake. Legend has it that a dragon emerged from the lake every day looking for the most beautiful girl, until St. George killed him with a spear. Right next to Miloš Lake is Stipančevo Lake and the well-known Peručko Lake.

Peručko Lake is an artificial lake and the third largest in Croatia. It was created by the construction of the Peruća dam on the Cetina. Due to the fact that this lake is not so well known, it is not “suffocated” by a large number of bathers and fishermen. All this has contributed to the pristine beauty of nature and purity that is rarely seen in popular national parks and other tourist destinations. Most are true nature lovers who come here to recharge their batteries. Fresh air, the smell of the forest, untouched nature and rugged landscapes. Is there anything to add?

Mountains in Croatia do not exceed an altitude of 2000 meters. In addition, due to the relatively low altitude, it is possible to access most of the mountain peaks, and precisely because of this, more than 6,000 kilometers of hiking trails have been marked. Special mention should be made of the Dinara, which stretches east of Knin and north of Peručko Lake in the municipality of Hrvace. Although the mountains are mostly covered with forests, their highest peaks are bare, so they offer amazing views of the surroundings.

Split, the largest city in Dalmatia, is a favorite summer destination for tourists from around the world. The city is full of cultural and historical monuments and has dozens of landscaped sandy and pebble city beaches.

Bačvice beach

Bačvice Beach is the closest place to survive in the city during the hot summer days. Not only is it ideal for refreshment at any time of the day but also at night when it offers a great selection of nightlife and good entertainment.

Firule beach

Firule Beach is a beautiful sandy beach about 240 meters long. It is located in the bay, and thus is well protected from the onslaught of the bora, which can be common in this area, which is why it is a favorite among families with children.

In Podastrana (municipality of Hrvace) there is an agrotourism resort of the same name, which is characterized by a clean and clear river Cetina, numerous sources of drinking water and other natural resources. On the family farm you can taste traditional home-made dishes such as baked dishes or those from the spit. All this is preceded by delicious appetizers in the form of homemade cheese, prosciutto or donuts. There are also home-made drinks, of which home-made wine, home-made brandy made of walnuts, apples and cherries and the like should be singled out.
Let’s not forget the many activities you can do there: just a few kilometers from Split there is an adrenaline park for all ages. Licensed instructors are at your disposal and will be with you at all times. As part of the aforementioned farm, it is possible to try Zipline or the so-called airway suspended on a cable. The flight on the cable takes about 15 seconds, which is enough to increase the level of adrenaline in your body. In doing so, you will, of course, enjoy the natural wealth that surrounds you on all sides.

The town of Hrvace is far enough away from all major traffic centers, so as such it offers you an abundance of untouched natural wealth. Our attractive building land in this area will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty that is provided in the palm of your hand.


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